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We are a dynamic, efficient and progressive company that designs and develops integrated software solutions.

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Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are server based software driven solutions that allow consumers to interact with your organisation. This system uses your existing data to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).  A consumer calling into the system uses their phone’s key pad to interact with the system. These systems can also be configured to recognise voice commands. The main function is to allow customers to help themselves by using voice prompts as their guide.

For example: “For you current balance, please press 1 now.”

A typical response would be: “The balance on your account is two hundred and fifty Rand and is due on the 29th of November 2011.”

VOIP Call Centre

Voice Over Internet Protocol Call Centre. As mentioned earlier, an IVR should be designed to answer FAQ’s. If it is over engineered it becomes difficult and confusing to use, not to mention frustrating! At some point a consumer may need to speak to a human being and this is where our VOIP call centre is key. Utilising VOIP our solution allows agents to be deployed anywhere in an organisation, even at remote offices without needing dedicated PABX extensions. We use the existing LAN and WAN (network) infrastructure. A customisable Customer Relations Management (CRM) package forms an integral part of the agent Softphone suite.

Voice Logging

Voice Logging. All calls transferred to an agent are logged. This allows the call centre manager to actively access and manage the quality of the calls being handled by the agents. Customer and agent complaints can be verified and dealt with. Voice logging is a pre-requisite for all call centres in government and financial institutions.

On Demand Fax and Email

Why Use On Demand Fax & Email

All organisations have documents that need to be sent to customers. By automating this process and allowing customers to help themselves staff members are no longer required to leave their desks and are able to use their time more productively.

Some examples of these documents are statements, invoices, banking details, debit order forms, outstanding traffic fines, HR job requirements and load shedding schedules.

On Demand Fax

A consumer phones or SMS’s into the system, requests the document they require, enters their fax number and receives their fax.

On Demand Email

A consumer whose email address has been captured simply chooses the document they wish to receive and it is emailed to them.

Short Messaging Service

Why Use SMS

The inbound and outbound SMS service is a cost effective way for organisations to communicate with clients and for clients to communicate and interact with the organisation.

Inbound SMS

SMS messages sent in are relayed through to the CompuVOX SMS module.

The message is read and various processes are initiated, for example the payment of accounts, purchase of pre-paid electricity etc

The inbound SMS service can be configured to assist in any identified area.

Outbound SMS

Once the system has generated a response to the consumers request, a reply SMS is sent back.

Application Development

Mobile Application Development

As consumers become more “Tech Savvy”, smart phone and tablet applications are fast becoming an expected and convenient platform for clients to  communicate with organisations. These applications range from banking applications and payment gateways to CRM applications.

COMPUMADE have developed a secure base that allows for seamless client communication and transactions.

All developed applications are customised to suit your requirements.

Web Application Development

With increased access to the internet, web portals are a convenient way for consumers to retrieve their information from an organisation.

Some of the functions that have been developed include bill payments, pre-paid electricity purchases, customer query logging.

COMPUMADE have developed a secure portal allowing for safe and easy browsing.


Support Service

COMPUMADE offers a 24 × 7 × 365 helpdesk.


Management Information Statistics

Detailed Statistics

Detailed records of all services and facilities that are accessed are stored. This allows for customised statistical reports, system analysis and system improvement.


Effective monitoring and utilisation of staff.

Outbound Services

Client Communications

Communication is key to developing and maintaining good customer relations. Unfortunately this is a time consuming and expensive exercise when staff are used.


Outbound notifications are possibly the most effective and efficient way to communicate with clients.

Concise Messaging

By utilising the outbound dialling and SMS services, clear and concise messages can be relayed to customers at any time.

Reminder Services

Services that have benefitted organisations, specifically with money collection processes e.g. Due Date Reminders, Overdue Reminders and Cut-off Reminders.

Awareness Campaigns

This service can be configured to enhance customer awareness.
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